Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Mango Man, says: "Eat more, weigh less in 27 days … guaranteed!"

More on Sleep

Here are some things to observe about sleep as a whole:

  • The more comfortable the body is physically in bed, the more favorable conditions for a deeper phase of sleep. Sound sleep is the objective.
  • The better the blood circulates, the more apt you are to get a good night’s sleep and then the greater the restorative, regenerative and eliminative powers.
  • BeatingBurnoutBlues-210x300-PROMO2

  • The better the ventilation in the room where we sleep, the sounder the sleep.
  • The ideal temperature of the air we breath throughout the night should be from 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Those who eat excessive cooked foods and animal products always require more sleep as they have more poisons to eliminate from their bodies.
  • Do not drink before going to bed. It wears on your kidneys and other eliminative organs more than it should.
  • The last meal of the day should be ideally about 4-5 hours before retiring.
  • Light interferes with sleep.
  • A nap is usually about an hour or less.
  • Foul odors disturb sleep. Pleasant smells in the room from ope windows really add to a deep sleep.
  • Comfortable mattresses are best. Not hard surfaces. We need to have a comfortable mattress to rest on. And that is determined by your body type and what feels comfortable to you. The real thing to be concerned about in selecting a mattress is for maximum comfort and maximum circulation and air flow.

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