Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Mango Man, says: "Eat more, weigh less in 27 days … guaranteed!"

One of the things I like about the late fall is that grapes are so plentiful. And the persimmons have been awesome this year. Persimmons are sort of going out of season right about now, but you can still find them in the markets. They are about the shortest lived seasonal food I know of. So when persimmons are in season I’m on them.

This will be a great recipe for you, and just watch how your body will receive this with energy galore.


  • 1/2 pound of a mixture of red (the more red the red grapes are the sweeter they’ll be) and green seedless grapes (the more yellow the green grapes are the sweeter they’ll be). I’ve found that if you taste them before you buy them then you’ll see what I’m sharing with you about the ones that are sweeter. Most grocery stores that I’ve been in don’t mind if you try one or two grapes to see which ones you want.
  • 2 persimmons (use 2 very ripe persimmons – or if you have some that were frozen that you just thawed out in the refrigerator over night then this will work perfectly for you.)

(By the way try to get all these ingredients organic if you can. They just taste soooo much better and are so much more nutritious for you.)

  • Put the 1/2 cup of the grapes in a bowl and add the persimmons (preferably chilled)
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Sit down to something awesome

It’s just that simple. But sometimes folks don’t think of the combinations that you can put together to make a great-tasting dish. And if you want more than 450 recipes that took us 11 years to produce, you can get that when you go to DefeatingBadEating.com. I’ve also got a bunch of free recipes on my website at MangoMan.com. I’ve had them up for some years now, but they’re all great; scroll through those and pick out your favorites. I guarantee they’ll be a hit for you.

All the best.

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