Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Mango Man, says: "Eat more, weigh less in 27 days … guaranteed!"

A Recipe for a Healthy Day

I think the most asked question in all my correspondence is … how do I do it all? How can I fit all this stuff into a day with fitness, eating the best, working several hours a day, traveling a lot and keeping up with a social life and all?

I got to thinking about that and thought well, let me give you a complete day with Dr. Wayne (and I’m going to add my energy drink in this one as well which will do nothing short of amaze you at how wholesome you’ll feel without all those jitters). Then next week I’ll be giving you a recipe for a week’s fitness program!

Here’s my basic daily schedule:

  • Up @ 7:30 AM
  • 6 Things
  1. Devotions
  2. Read something positive for 1 minute
  3. Drink a couple of glasses of water
  4. Brush teeth
  5. Dry-brush skin
  6. Go outside to breathe in the fresh air 10 times + stretch on my pull-up bar for 10-15 seconds
  • Walk 1 mile to start the day (It’s a doable act ANYONE can do who’s not handicapped physically)
  • Read
  • 8 AM – Breakfast
  • Work
  • 10 AM – Mid-morning fruit
  • Work
  • NOON – Light Lunch
  • Work
  • 1-2 PM – Nap
  • 2-4 PM – Train
  • In town for errands
  • 6-7 PM – Evening meal
  • Work! (or if I’m on the road, this is when I socialize)
  • 1-2 AM – Bedtime

We know that it’s better to sleep six hours at night and take a one-hour of nap in the day than it is to sleep eight straight hours. This way you can add one hour to your waking hours and be as productive as you can be. On our REST interview with Gary Hopkins (Gary H-for-Health) on BlogTalkRadio.com we talk about that.

The reason why I like working for myself and from my home office is that I’m in TOTAL control of my time.

I’ve had people tell me they don’t have time for what I’ve just described as a healthy day as their 24 hours already are used up. Isn’t that funny when you think about it, I’ve just NEVER met anyone yet in all my years who only used up 22 hours of a day. We all use up our 24 hours every day!

We should all be in total control of our time as it’s really the ONLY thing we honestly have. And of course our health is our most valuable asset to try to maintain in those 24 hours we have.

All the best.

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