Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Mango Man, says: "Eat more, weigh less in 27 days … guaranteed!"

I have a lot of clients and of course I’m always so concerned for those mothers who have kids who come home from school each day and want something to eat. And they want to feed their kids something better than what they were exposed to at the school that day.

Isn’t it pitiful at what is fed to our youth in the school system these days? When I ask most kids what they ate at school that day, they tell me they haven’t a clue … but it was lumpy and had lots of gravy! It always seems to be “lumpy” with gravy. Mystery meat. How can we raise quality, responsible kids into the magnificent young adults we need to keep our nation strong with a deep sense of morals and abundant health with a decrease in crime when all we feed them is poison? In a recent seminar I did, we talked about the three foods to avoid at all costs (anything white, anything that fizzes, anything greasy or oily) and how they contributed to the crime and early death. If you go to my website, I’ve got a great set of tools for you that will help you understand and overcome these kinds of dietary issues: Is Your Diet a Riot?

Here’s what I suggest as an alternative to a lot of that nasty stuff: Since most kids like peanut butter (and when they have it, they don’t feel like they’re weird, deprived or the like), take a couple of slices of non-gluten bread (millet, rice, Ezekiel Bread are excellent – no wheat, rye, oat, breads, etc.) and put some fresh, natural, non-salted peanut butter on it with a bit of some kind of green, i.e. Bibb Lettuce, etc. (I know, that’s the tough part), and you’ll have a great sandwich with loads of energy for whatever you kid is planning to do for the rest of the afternoon.

And this is not only for the kids, it’s something you can do when you need that jolt of good energy when you come home from work in the afternoon. Of course I would always encourage taking a nap first, but then when you wake up this would be good until you have your meal in the evening. Actually this would be ideal for a noon lunch, but add a lot of greens to the sandwich.

Now why no-gluten bread?

Those kinds of grain breads I just mentioned have an enormous amount of gluten in them and are almost non-digestible. If you were to cook them, the gluten turns to a glue like substance that gives the sinus and respiratory system a fit. Note that the root word in gluten = GLUE. Whenever I have a client with problems with lungs, sinus or anywhere in the bronchial area along with most of the digestive system and I take them off those kind of grains, there’s a dramatic improvement in the condition. And it’s always a real treat for me to know that nutrition is a science and never changes. It’s how we apply it that always changes. If you have frequent colds and sneeze a lot, eliminate those grains (even though this message is about grains, I immediately take all my clients off all dairy products as well), and watch for the positive results.

We all have some things we regret that has happened in our lives. The BAD STUFF is always easiest to remember about yourself. You are a special person with greatness and your past may be blemished, but your future is spotless. You have the power to change, but you have to want it bad enough knowing that we always want what we want when the want is more than the effort.

All the best.

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