Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Mango Man, says: "Eat more, weigh less in 27 days … guaranteed!"

Weeds and Nutrition

It’s easy to backslide at times nutritionally, but here is a little something for you to be thinking about during that process of backsliding. When you plant a garden, one thing you don’t ever have to plant are the weeds. They just come up all by themselves and don’t need any nurturing at all. And if we don’t cull them out, they will take over as sure as shootin’! Then when we plant the vegetables, we really have to give them special attention or the weeds will take over in no time.

Well it’s the same with our nutritional habits. When we backslide into the junk food, then those habits will soon take over our more healthful habits without much encouragement at all. Then we have a mess of weeds to tend to instead of the rewards of eating the best most of the time. Let me share something with you about the transformation I made years ago.

I got rid of all the junk in my house so I wouldn’t eat it. Then I filled the fridge with nothing but the best. I was determined to take off the weight and lo and behold I started seeing results and wasn’t even trying all that hard. I just kept on eating quality stuff and son-of-a-gun if I didn’t lose the amount of weight I wanted to and started feeling terrific for once in my life. I had been as much as 40 pounds overweight and sick a great deal of my life, so when I started feeling great, I thought I was on drugs or something! I couldn’t believe this feeling good was as good as it really is.

We’ve got a number of tools that can help you make the kind of transformation I made some 30 years ago. Check it out: we’ve got DefeatingBadEating.com, HealthAtLast.com and IsYourDietARiot.com. I invite you to click on those links, check out the info there, and see if one of them doesn’t appeal to you for a place to refresh your memory about how to handle things nutritionally, and please take advantage of all the tools and programs we’ve got there.

Thanks, and all the best.

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