Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Mango Man, says: "Eat more, weigh less in 27 days … guaranteed!"

Healing vs. Curing

Here at the Center for Nutrition, we don’t believe in cures. The body is the only entity that HEALS when you implement the conditions of health.

Vigorous health and disease are natural and normal for all nature’s creatures including humans. Disease is a must for us to have as it makes us stop and re-evaluate and reassess the situation and try to correct the cause.

All life is subject to the laws of nature. If we jump out of a 10-story building, we are not going to go NORTH. You know where we are going as it’s just one of those laws of nature.

When we violate natural laws, we suffer for it … ALWAYS without exception even if we don’t feel it or are aware of it.

When we live in accordance with the principles of our existence then we thrive in happiness and health. That’s why I love what we do here at the Center for Nutrition. It’s timeless and generic. It NEVER changes.

Just as an airplane will fly correctly and safely when the conditions of flight have been met, so will we enjoy superb sickness-free high-energy health when the conditions of health are met. And a good thing to remember here is that we CAN’T run the junk food off. WE WILL PAY TO PLAY! It’s just a law. It’s better to do the right things than to do things right. Think about that for a second.

Nature had everything right to start with. All our problems of life have long been solved. The answers are already within us! Now there is no more guesswork on how to be the healthiest person ON the planet and not the wealthiest person IN the grave. It’s all at HealthAtLast.com.

  • Healing is full of Happiness and Curing is full of Fear
  • Healing is Positive and Curing is Negative
  • Healing is Permanent and Curing is Temporary

I would like to suggest that you do everything to promote healing and discourage all those remedies that promote curing.

Curing is something mankind tries to do.
Healing is something the body does when we give it a chance.

This is the age of responsibility, so it’s all up to you to make it all happen … you are in total charge of your body. Not your church, not some doctor, not your mother, not your spouse … YOU! Understand how your body works as it belongs to YOU!

I encourage you to go to HealthAtLast.com, where you will learn more from top experts in the fields of health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. Also, there are tools and programs there that will help you understand how to boost your immunity and feel GREAT once again while increasing your VITALITY.

All the best.

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