Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Mango Man, says: "Eat more, weigh less in 27 days … guaranteed!"

Corporate America is promoting health programs in the work place, and there’s a major emphasis on that right now. The success of our business depends a great deal on our not being knocked down and staying home from work due to sickness.

I wrote an article, “The Benefits of Health Care Programs for Corporate America” and according to a report from the book, “Health Promotion in the Work Place” by Michael P. O’Donnell and Thomas Ainsworth, they state: “Of the total health care expenditures in this country, approximately 96% is spent on treatment of illness and only 4% on disease prevention and health promotion.”

Recently organizations have taken an interest in the health HABITS of their employees and employers are beginning to realize that there are no “quick-fix” solutions to medical inflation and are now considering long-term solutions; they are focusing attention on the consumer demand for health services.

There are a number of reasons for employer interest in health promotion:

1. Improvement in Productivity- Reduced absenteeism including a reduction in the number of sick leaves and mental health days. Improved company morale from a feeling by workers that the employer is concerned about their health and well being! Improved ability to perform since employees are healthier both physically and mentally.

2. Reduction in Benefit Costs – Reduced health benefit costs through employees using health care services. Reduced life Insurance costs through premium discounts for nonsmokers and those who practice healthy lifestyles. Reduced workers’ compensation costs through a reduction in claims for accidents, back injuries and smoking-related fires.

3. Reduction in Human Resources Development Costs – This can be realized through reduced recruiting, education and training costs caused by employee turnover. Employees who are drawn to the company because of the company’s progressive thinking and perceived caring for its employees are less likely to resign.

According to the Statistical Abstracts of the U.S., we hold the world’s record for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, prostate problems, stroke and obesity. But the real winner in our society is our national disease: Constipation. Did you know that 98.6% of Americans suffer from it.

I was so happy to finally figure out after all my years with this problem that a daily double was much more than glasses of prune juice and an enema! I do a lot of retirement expos and every time I talk about the three natural laxatives, I’m amazed at how soon the audience starts taking notes.

You are in total charge of your health. And there’s a big difference between health and disease. The opposite of love = hate. The opposite of up = down. The opposite of health = disease! You would never learn to fly an airplane from someone who crashed, would you? Then why do we let someone try to get us healthy who only studies disease?

We need to learn know to live until we die. Life should be a joy to be lived and not a problem to be solved.

For more information, more detail, great tools, and programs to help you achieve optimal health, please follow up by going to www.HealthAtLast.com.

All the best!

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